Mehmed Alî Hilmî

Name VariantsCMOMehmed Alî Hilmî
TMKl-NefHilmî[ TMKl-Nef/V.ii, p. 208 and p. 231 ]
Mehmet Ali Hilmi Dede Baba[ TMKl-Nef/IV.i, p. 168 ]
Note The name refers only to the lyricist. However, as Ursula Reinhard and Tiago de Oliveira Pinto demonstrate, one may assume that the poets of the Bektaşi order were also the composers of their musical works. (Sänger und Poeten mit der Laute : Türkische Âşık und Ozan, Reinhard/Pinto 1989, p. 12)
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