Name VariantsCMOZaharya
TMKliiMīr Cemīl[ TMKlii ]
TMAS-otherZaccharias; Tanbûrî ve Hânende Kürkçü Mîr Cemîl = Cemîl Bey
- Zaḫarya[ TMKlii ] [ NE204 ] [ FAS_CTM ]
Ẓaharya[ NE204 ] [ NE208 ]
Ẓaharyā[ NE204 ]
Cemīl Beğ[ FAS_CTM ]
Life Data
birth on:
died on:
Note As Ezgi points out, no compositions attributed to Zaharya appear in Hâfız Post’s (d. 1690) song-text collection, while a number of attributions are found in song-text collections from the first half of the eighteenth century. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Zaharya flourished around the turn of the eighteenth century. (NATM/[I], NATM/[I], p. 146)
The identification by Öztuna of Zaharya with Mîr Cemîl (and the related claim that he converted to Islam) is uncertain. It is based solely on the fact that some compositions are listed under both names in different song-text collections. (Türk mûsikîsi akademik klasik Türk san'at mûsikîsi'nin ansiklopedik..., TMAS/II, p. 511)
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