Mikâîl Usta

Name VariantsCMOMikâîl Usta
TMAS-mainMikaail Sinân
- Mikaail Sinan Usta[ NATM/V ]
Miḳāʾīl Usta[ NE204 ]
Life Data
died on:
Note No biographical information available.
Öztuna does not provide a source for his estimate of Mikâîl Usta’s date of death. However, he lists a peşrev in the makâm şevk-ı cedîd as one of his compositions. (Türk mûsikîsi akademik klasik Türk san'at mûsikîsi'nin ansiklopedik..., TMAS/II, p. 55)
Similar makâms (e.g. şevkâver, şevkengîz, şevk-ı dil) are mentioned for the first time in Abdülbâkî Nâsır Dede’s treatise Tedḳīḳ ü taḥḳīḳ (AH 1209/CE 1795). (S1242, S1242)
The only other available composition in şevk-ı cedîd (probably the same piece) is found in TA107, where it is attributed to Nu’mân Ağa (d. after 1830). (TA107, TA107, p. [243] (earlier pagination [pencil]: 241; earlier foliation [blue ink]: f. 121v))
The above facts suggest that Mikâîl Usta flourished in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century.
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