Name VariantsCMOAcemler
- ʿAcemler[ NE204 ]
acēmlēr[ TA110 ]
Acēmlēr[ ST1 ] [ TA110 ]
Note The attribution ‘acemler’ means simply ‘the Persians’.
Feldman suggests that the term was used to ascribe compositions to musicians of Persian origin who were brought to Istanbul following the conquests of Tabriz and Baghdad by Selîm I (r. 1512–20). (Music of the Ottoman Court : Makam, Composition and the Early Ottoman Instrumental ..., Feldman 1996, pp. 64–7, 339)
However, Neubauer questions this interpretation, arguing that the term was used for anonymous pieces that were perceived to have ‘Persian’ characteristics. (Zur Bedeutung der Begriffe Komponist und Komposition in der Musikgeschichte..., Neubauer 1997, pp. 345–6)
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