Kemençeci Hasan Fehmî Bey

Name VariantsCMOKemençeci Hasan Fehmî Bey
TMAS-otherHasan Fehmi, Kemençeci
TMAS-mainMutel, Hasan Fehmi
- Kemençeci Ḥasan Fehmī Beğ[ FAS_Şİ_SG ] [ FAS_CT_KAR ] [ FAS_MUN_HÜS ] [ FAS_CTM_EVC ] [ FAS_CTM_BN ] [ FAS_Şİ_KH ] [ FAS_Şİ_SG ]
Kemençeci Ḥasan Fehmī Beğ'[ ŞTO-NE ]
(Life Dates)
birth on:
died on:
Note Born in Istanbul in 1885, he began to learn music performance at the age of 19 and learned to play kemençe, ud, keman, kanun, and tanbur. He worked for many years at the Musiki-i Osmanî cemeyeti that was founded by İsmaîl Hakkı Bey in 1908. He composed various vocal and instrumental pieces and passed away in 1962.
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