CMO IdentifierMB-Ke
Source Type
  • Printed source
Notation Type
  • Early Hampartsum notation
Content Type
  • Theoretical Works
Titlemain Eražštut‘iwn
desc or ē hamaṙōt tełekut‘iwn eražštakan skzbanc‘ elewēǰut‘eanc‘ ełanakac‘ ew nšanagrac‘ xazic‘ (1815)
Author(s) Bžškean, H. Minas Minas Bžškean
EditorK‘erovbean, Aram
PublisherGirk‘ Hratarakč‘ut‘iwn
Publication PlaceYerevan
Publishing date (gregorian)
Contents Modern edition of a treatise on music and notation by the Mxit'arist scholar Minas Bžškean (1777-1851), with an introduction and notes by Aram K‘erovbean. The treatise was completed in 1812 and is the earliest exposition of the modern system of Armenian notation, or Hampartsum notation (Tr. Hamparsum notası). It was intended to be published in 1815 (the date borne on the original title page), but remained unpublished until the appearance of the present edition. The treatise also contains musical examples, including a peşrev and a saz semâîsi. A manuscript draft and a fair copy (both autographs) are housed in the archive of the Armenian monastery of San Lazzaro, Venice.
  • Armenian
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