Sâlih Ağa

Name VariantsCMOSâlih Ağa
TMAS-otherAcem Hacı
TMAS-mainSâlih Ağa
- Ṣāliḥ Aġa[ NE204 ] [ NE208 ]
Ḥācı Ṣaliḥ Aġa[ TMKlii ]
Life Data
died on:
Note Öztuna does not provide any source for his estimate of 1725 for Sâlih Ağa’s date of death.
An attribution to Salih Ağa appears in a song-text collection that Korkmaz dates to the 1740s. His name does not appear in earlier sources. He may therefore have flourished in the first half of the eighteenth century. (The Catalog of Music Manuscripts in Istanbul University Library, Korkmaz 2015, pp. 57–8)
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