Name VariantsCMOSâ’atci
- Sāʿatçi[ M1994 ]
Sāʿatci[ NE3866 ] [ NE205 ] [ NE211 ]
Sāʿatci Dervīş Meḥmed[ NE3866 ]
Sāʿatci Muṣṭafā Dede[ TA107 ]
Sāʿatci Dede[ TA107 ]
Sāʿatci Muṣṭafā Aġa[ TA249 ]
saat‘cı musdafa[ NE203 ]
sahat‘cı[ TA110 ]
Note Probably fl. ca. 1740. Mentioned once as a composer in M1994 (though no notation is given), suggesting that he had begun to attain fame in the second quarter of the eighteenth century. (M1994, M1994, f. [67r])
11 instrumental compositions are attributed to him in NE3866, meaning that he was a well-known composer by ca. 1775. (NE3866, NE3866)
Öztuna and Ezgi both assume (without providing a source) that Sâ’atci is the same person as Muzaffer, but there is no available manuscript in which both names are written together. Furthermore, several sources (including e.g. M1994, NE3866 and TA107) contain pieces attributed separately to ‘Sāʿatci’ and ‘Muẓaffer’ (or ‘Mużaffer’). The confusion possibly arises from a piece apparently entitled ‘muẓaffer’ but attributed to Sāʿatci Muṣṭafā Aġa: (TA249, TA249, pp. 1291, 1319)
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