Eyyûblu Alî Rızâ Bey

Name VariantsCMOEyyûblu Alî Rızâ Bey
TMNvEEyüp’lü Derviş Ali Rıza Bey[ TMNvE, p. 196 ]
Eyyûbî Ali Rıza Ef.[ TMNvE, p. 615 ]
TMAS-mainŞengel, Eyyûbî Alî Rızâ[ TMAS/II, p. 347 ]
Life Data
birth on:
died on:
Note No biographical information available.
Possibly the same person as Eyyûbî Ali Rıza Ef. (TMNvE, TMNvE, p. 615)
Use and reproduction