Name VariantsCMOMuzaffer
TMAS-otherSâatçi Mustafa Efendi
- müzafēr[ NE203 ] [ TA110 ]
Muẓaffer[ NE205 ] [ NE211 ] [ TA107 ]
Sāʿatcı Muṣṭafā Dede[ TA107 ]
Sāʿatcı Dede[ TA107 ]
Life Data
died on:
Note Although Öztuna and Ezgi both assume that ‘muẓaffer’ (‘the victorious’) is a sobriquet for Sâ’atci Mustafa Efendi (fl. ca. 1740?), it is more likely that they were two different individuals (see the person entry for Sâ’atci). (Türk mûsikîsi akademik klasik Türk san'at mûsikîsi'nin ansiklopedik..., TMAS/II, p. 82)
The name Muzaffer is not mentioned in BL3114, but appears as the composer of 19 pieces in TA100. It therefore seems likely that he flourished during the second half of the seventeenth century. (BL3114, BL3114)
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